Frequently Asked questions

What should I expect in my first JobTalk session?

First of all... congratulations on scheduling your first JOBTALK! This time is for you, so generally Krystal will provide direction in the conversation, but everyone seeks out sessions for different reasons. Some clients prefer to talk and "air out" their situation and collect advice. Others have one or two specific things they need assistance with and the conversation is much more targeted. That being said, you can expect two things for sure: you'll be asked a healthy number of questions, and you'll have a list of action items by the time your session is over. Clients are responsible for taking their own notes, so we strongly advise bringing a notebook or tablet, as you may be given a lot of specific information during your session.

What type of appointment should I schedule if i feel like I need help with… well, everything.

Sometimes when people get overwhelmed they feel like they want to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the cause of their stress, but with a potential career change, it’s sometimes better to start small. A 1:1 session is the recommended “first-step” for new clients, and a course of action can be carved out from there. While many people feel compelled to imediately start working on their resume when they get frustrated, the 1:1 is where Krystal will help you unpack that frustration, and potentially uncover a few different avenues you may want to explore - all of which could recalibrate your resume, job search, or networking approach.


How is this different from working with a search firm / Placement agency?

In a nutshell? Working with us is about you, not about "them." Krystal started her career in a specialized staffing firm, and while they can be a great resource to job seekers, you just have to understand the business model is not meant to necessarily benefit the job seeker. It certainly can if you’re the person being placed into a job, but it’s important to understand that staffing firms are hired by companies to place candidates into vacancies at said company, and they make money when they successfully do so. If they don't have something they can place in you though, you might not hear from them. This can sometimes create a transactional relationship between a candidate and a firm. Again, it's nothing personal, and it may be a good idea to work with a (reputable) firm. It’s just important to understand that your professional development isn’t their priority.

So there-in-lies the difference. JOBTALK sessions are for you. Period. Krystal will always make introductions and provide contacts for clients where appropriate/available, but JOBTALK was literally founded to provide coaching, guidance and empowerment to people like yourself - not to benefit a corporate bottomline.  

What if my situation is really, really unique?  

No one can live your life or experience your world like you do. Job hunting, interviewing, and employment in general are touchy subjects for many people in transition, and for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are positive reasons ("I'm two interviews in and just found out I'm pregnant! When/how do I tell them?"), and sometimes you might be navigating a professional curveball or two ("I got drunk on a work trip, started a fight with a coworker, and got fired soon after. How do I handle the ‘why did you leave your last role?’ question in an interview?")  Regardless of the situation, you can be assured that Krystal will not judge or discuss the details of what is shared in a session. Confidentiality is paramount and it is our goal to ensure every client feels safe, supported, and welcomed. 

will I be expected to talk the whole time?

How much or little you would like to talk is up to you. For some clients who are just starting to mentally commit to their transition, there may be a desire to just brainstorm, and "air it all out." Others have specific questions and want specific advice. Either way, Krystal will guide the conversation to ensure it's a productive use of your time, but your progress will come because you take action on what is discussed or suggested. Since it may feel a little like you’re drinking from a firehose (especially during your first session), we strongly encourage you to take notes.


how many sessions do people normally need?

Everyone's journey and situation are very unique and the timeline is up to you. While many people seeking professional services are used to hearing "results can be seen in X number of sessions..." JOBTALK is different. If someone leaves after one session, feels like they got what they needed, and makes moves to improve their situation, then it's great when we don't see them again! Success is not determined by a one-and-done client, or by a client who prefers to work through change over a period of time. You are in the driver seat. We're just hear to provide some direction.

are sessions inclusive to all?

Yes. JOBTALK is committed to providing resources and sessions designed to help people live their authentic lives through meaningful work and career paths. Whether you’re a person of color, or a member of the LGBTQA+ community, and are seeking truly inclusive employers in the area… or a person with a disability seeking advice on how to overcome "assumptions of limitations" in an interview… we’re here for you. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core fundamentals at JOBTALK and everyone is welcome. Please make a note in your appointment form, or mention to Krystal directly, if there are any accommodations that can be made to ensure your appointment is accessable and comfortable. 

my kid needs some direction. if I make them talk to krystal, Can I sit in on the  session?

In short? No. But let's unpack this a little bit. While Krystal can absolutely provide sessions for young adults, there is a certain level of ownership that comes with the work that needs to be done in these sessions. It cannot be forced. (Well it can, but we just don't condone that.)  We totally understand that your child is on the cusp of some major "first destination" life decisions (college, trade school, work, travel, PeaceCorps, etc.), but they have to want to talk about this process. If they are not curious and don't see the importance of it, you are wasting your money and we're all going to leave disappointed.  What might be more productive is if you, the parent, schedules a JOBTALK first. Nine times out of ten, providing a parent or guardian with the tools and word-tracks necessary to motivate a "disinterested" young person into action can be way more helpful and can lead to a much more open and positive experience - for everyone. And maybe they won't even need a session after that. Maybe they'll actually want one.

Is there pressure to keep coming back?

This is a common question and one that makes sense given most chiropractors, therapists, and doctors wrap up their sessions with "So when should we schedule you to come back?" A JOBTALK session is little different.  Krystal will never push you to schedule a follow-up appointment. It’s 100% up to you when, and how often, you want to meet. You're probably thinking, "Well, that's not good for business...," but here's the thing... this isn't about business. This is about making sure when a client walks through the [proverbial] door, they are ready. Why? Because sometimes there is a good amount of soul searching (and action-items work) that needs to happen in between sessions.  Even though we're talking about your profession here... we understand it can also be very personal. It's a journey. And change happens when you're ready to make it happen. Not because it's Tuesday at 3pm and you have an appointment scheduled. Take your time. We're here if and when you're ready.