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Job Seeker / Client Services


The 1:1

$110 - 75 minute session

Skype, phone or in-person | The purpose of the 1:1 is to build confidence, ease anxiety, and create an action plan that enables clients to move forward. While some clients prefer to use this time to focus on a list of specific questions they have, others describe these sessions as a form of "job therapy" and wish to discuss other work-related challenges, including how to position themselves for a raise, motivate a stagnant team, or transition into a more satisfying career. A 1:1 is always customizable and can cover a number of different topics (interview prep, job search strategies, identifying other strengths, etc.) Before this appointment, there is a brief intake call to prepare for the 75-minute session. 


Resume Revamp

$275 - Resume Revamp (includes calls/consultation throughout)

Skype, phone or in-person | This quick, but personalized, revamp allows you to get what you need and get on with your job search or application. Since this option is designed for clients who have already had a 1:1 session, a one or two-day turn-around can be expected. In addition to the doc itself, you’ll also receive a follow-up explanation for the “what and why” behind the style, language, and formatting changes, empowering clients to continue to evolve the final product themselves over time.


LinkedIn 101

$175 - 90 min - LinkedIn Tutorial & Profile overview

Live webinar or in-person | LinkedIn is a game changer for most job hunters, regardless of where they are in their professional career, and the sooner someone gets on and starts connecting, the more access they’ll have to the companies and professionals they are interested in working with. This 90-minute session will not only help you get your profile in order, but will also ensure you leave with a new found proficiency in how to leverage all this site has to offer. (We don’t recommend clients rush to purchase a “Premium” LinkedIn account, because you probably won’t need it after this.)

trainingS, employer branding consulting & public speaking


the Webinar 

The Webinar is a customizable experience most commonly requested by educators or counselors who are seeking a real-time instructional and interactive professional development training for their team. It involves an intake call to align on details and desired outcomes. Whether you’re a group of parents seeking advice on how to guide your children through the college major selection process, or a college career counseling team wondering what recruiters are actually look for on your students’ resumes, The Webinar is here to help.


Corporate Training & public speaking

For corporate trainings, speaking engagements, and workshops, the topic is really up to you! Previous corporate trainings have covered “How to recruit and hire in a changing economy,” and “How to effectively manage and motivate a multi-generational workforce.” Small-team workshops are also available at half-day or full-day rates. Previous topics for these have included LinkedIn “Recruiter Seat” training, creating a best-in-class Employer Brand, and building strategic talent pipelines and internship programs that drive results.

Planet Fitness World Headquarters - Operations Leadership Summit (June 2019)

Planet Fitness World Headquarters - Operations Leadership Summit (June 2019)


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