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"I'm not happy in my current role/company, but I have no idea how to job search in today's market."

"I don’t hate my job, but I feel like I'm plateauing, and I don't know how to take my career to the next level."

"I'm ready to try something new, but how do I transition without having to start all over or take a huge pay cut?"

College Students & Recent graduates


"I enjoyed the major I chose, but now I'm graduating and have no idea how to transform my education into a career path."

"I think I know what I want to do, but I'm not sure how to get there."

"I finally landed my first job out of college... and it's not what I thought it would be. Now what?"

Educators & Student Advisors


"My advising team and I work with college students, but we've never been recruiters before. We'd love to better understand what companies are looking for so we can best prepare our students for their internship and job search."

know someone who needs a jobtalk?

Gift them one.

Gifting a session is a great way to help those you care about… without having to be on the other end of their stress or frustration. Sound familiar?

“I can tell my partner is really unhappy at work, but when I tell them they should start applying to other companies, they get annoyed and shutdown. I don’t want to nag them, but it’s adding a lot of stress on our relationship, and I just need them to talk to someone (who is not me) that can help.”

"My family member is miserable at their job, but has no idea what else they can do. I struggle with knowing how to best support them through this process without them getting frustrated with me."

“A coworker, who’s a good friend, just got laid off and they are totally lost. I’m afraid to get too involved because I still work here, but I still want to help them in some way. ”



“Krystal’s advice and guidance were invaluable to me when I needed help to prepare for an interview, and her flexibility with my schedule went above and beyond. Before JOBTALK, I felt blindsided by every new question and frustrated with the whole interviewing process. Krystal helped me to see the “why” of questions and what to highlight about myself. Krystal’s positivity and expertise helped me to change my mindset and learn what questions could make an interview valuable to me, not just my potential employer. It was the first interview in months that made me feel excited. After it, I was invited on-site and got the offer for my dream job in process engineering at Mars Wrigley Confectionery!” - Megan Geldermann, B.S. Chemical Engineering ‘19 - University of Oklahoma

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