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“Krystal Hicks is someone you need in your corner, plain and simple. My experience working with her went far beyond my qualifications and resume and transcended into the deeper meaning of what I needed as a person in order to succeed. She has a natural gift for identifying the unseen hurdles and paints a clear picture of how to move past them towards your goals. Her focus on creating a safe space for people to be vulnerable lends to her success in encouraging true change, and I feel beyond fortunate to have met Krystal as she continues to add tremendous value to my life. I will forever vouch for her and her business because I truly believe that it is people like her that can change the lives of many, just as she did mine. If you feel stuck, lost, or are unhappy with your work, you can trust that Krystal will get you to where you need to be.”

-Katy Marshall, SoulCycle - Bay Area, CA (2019)

“Just received a fantastic job offer and I contribute a big part of this to Krystal! (THANK YOU Krystal!!!) Without her guidance and tips for navigating LinkedIn, I definitely would not have received an offer so quickly! Her coaching also gave me the confidence and tools that were invaluable in helping me find a new job and industry, especially after 11 plus years in the same career. Krystal has an in-depth knowledge of the current job market and fills a niche for those who are looking to make the next step in their career and are not sure where to start. I highly recommend reaching out to Krystal as a first step before diving into your job search.”

-Kirsten Engstrom, Sr. Global Packaging Manager, Serepta Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA (2019)

“Krystal’s advice and guidance were invaluable to me when I needed help to prepare for an interview, and her flexibility with my schedule went above and beyond. Before JOBTALK, I felt blindsided by every new question and frustrated with the whole interviewing process. Krystal helped me to see the “why” of questions and what to highlight about myself. Krystal’s positivity and expertise helped me to change my mindset and learn what questions could make an interview valuable to me, not just my potential employer. It was the first interview in months that made me feel excited. After it, I was invited on-site and got the offer for my dream job in process engineering at Mars Wrigley Confectionery!”

-Megan Geldermann, B.S. Chemical Engineering ‘19 - University of Oklahoma (2019)

"Within a minute into my conversation with Krystal, I already felt she knew what she was talking about. Not only did she provide me with practical ways to develop my personal value proposition for my aspiring business, but she also provided me with a step by step approach on how to organically grow my network specific to my career aspirations. She also clearly articulated intuitive and cost-efficient ways that I can build my brand as well as connect with the right mentors using tools within reach in Linkedin. I would say this was the most productive career advice that I have ever had. I highly recommend Krystal as well as her services to any recent college graduates or young professionals who are trying to figure out their career path or who are just curious about what to do next in their future career."

- Jacob Fohtung, 2nd year MBA ‘19 student - Babson College (2019)

“Krystal helped give me the confidence to stop waiting for the job I had to change, and to instead look for position that suited me! Her advice helped me take my career in a whole new direction. Now I am so much happier and more invested in my work as a public librarian. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Laura Horwood-Benton, Portsmouth Public Library - Portsmouth, NH (2018)

“I met Krystal through multiple events hosted by the University of New Hampshire through the career services department. She is a successful, dedicated Alumnus who goes above and beyond and is great at keeping in touch. I saw her on campus right before I graduated, and although Krystal did not have a position I was qualified for at the time, she went above and beyond in helping me to edit my resume so that it would stand out across various industries. She wasted no time passing my resume along and connecting me to Rachael Bohac with Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan. Krystal had nothing but great things to say about Rachael. Rachael contacted me within a day to chat over the phone and set up an interview. Networking with Krystal was stress-free and provided me with great insight into the hiring process as to what stands out to recruiters as a qualified candidate. I would highly recommend working with Krystal. She is committed to helping you succeed through her exceptional network and will help you stand out in the hiring process.”

- Sarah Heath, Licensed Marketing Specialist with Rachael Bohac of Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan (2018)

"I made an appointment with Krystal because I needed help in getting through my career crisis. I was in a master's program for counseling, but as the semester went on, I began to realize that I was more passionate about pursuing a career path as an IT Recruiter. Throughout our conversation together, she made me feel like my decision about wanting to change my career choice was valid, providing me with the confidence I needed to finally take that jump outside of my psychology [major] bubble. Her honest, genuine and positive attitude, has a way of putting you at ease and enables you to clearly see the career path that was always meant for you. If I didn't set up a meeting with Krystal, I don't think that I would of had the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone and to start working towards becoming the professional I have always aspired to be. I strongly recommend Krystal for anyone that needs assistance in finding their career path, because I am very glad I did."

- Paige McCarthy, MBA ‘18, Johnson & Whales University

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Corporate Events

“Krystal delivered an outstanding training session to a group of 90 operations leaders at our annual Planet Fitness Operations Leadership Summit. The topic was "Recruiting and Hiring in a Changing Economy". She delivered a dynamic and engaging 90-minute session focused on an overview of the job market, recruiting smarter not harder, and interviewing and hiring best practices. The attendees were raving about her content and skilled delivery. I would invite Krystal back to our organization again in a heartbeat!”

- Katin Keirstead, Operations Systems Director, Planet Fitness World Headquarters (2019)

"Krystal recently did an outstanding presentation on LinkedIn for our first year MBA students. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious. While many people focus on the "how" when presenting LinkedIn, she effectively focused on the "why." Understanding how employers use LinkedIn and what catches their attention is invaluable perspective for our students. She was professional, helpful, open to questions and focused on making a difference for our students. Proud to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding professional." 

- Lynne Sarikas, Director, Graduate Career Center at Northeastern University, D'Amore-McKim School of Business (2017)