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How to land the internship you actually want (because it's probably not posted)

When an organization needs to hire new staff, HR is notified, job descriptions are edited or created, and openings are posted (if at the very least, on the company’s website). Internships, however, are very rarely publicized in the same way, and if they are, the competition for them skyrockets because now everyone can see them. The trick behind landing an awesome internship is not waiting for it to be posted - because it probably won’t be. 

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Overcoming your "Major" Identity Crises

There is something interesting that happens to students once they enroll in college and select a major. It's as if an invisible box appears and they step inside, etch their major on all four walls, and lock the hatch. Their major then carves out a nice secure identity for them over the next four years, and when they emerge from that box upon graduation day, suddenly, they have to come to terms with the fact that maybe they don't want to work within the confines of their major anymore.

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